Most Effective Ways Of Designing An E-Learning Site

E-learning involves the application of electronic educational technology.  It entails the selection and application of the most efficient multimedia modalities which enhances learning. This article will discuss the effective instructional techniques which are helpful when designing an e-Learning course or program. They include the following:

Using meaningful images


You cannot underestimate the importance of images in e-learning. You are therefore required to use appropriate images to support your content. You can do this by using a series of images instead of the bullet points.  Similarly, photos can be used instead of the clip art image. The use of powerful images helps in triggering people’s emotions.

Use of templates

The model used should not have any distraction.  They are not merely used for decoration only. When they are used effectively, they help in capturing the learner’s attention to your content. You should make an effort of getting rid of any component which is not relevant. Always stick to the most important elements when you are designing your templates. Try as much as possible to avoid the distractive elements. A bad template might put the good learners away.

White space

White content and space are considered to be critical. The white space should not be filled with content. In fact, the it helps someone in knowing some of the important things. Furthermore, it allows someone to present his or her ideas in the most suitable way.

Use of colors

Colors are imper'oijoighjkl;lkjhgative in any visual design. They play a crucial role in triggering the motions of the targeted audience. Soft backgrounds are an ideal option for triggering the right emotions.  Dark colors are preferred for the text. The addition of several colors is not recommended.  Instead, you should use just a few colors which are more appealing for your learners.



Individuals who are not experienced in designing have a tendency of designing courses which have mismatched color themes or patterns. Consistency makes the students to get confused as they lose focus. The experienced e-learning designers can use a single color design or theme while guiding their learners. Additionally, fonts and backgrounds are also necessary. A well-designed course helps in motivating the students especially when dealing with difficult subjects like Math.

Content presentation

Most people have a tendency of presenting their entire content on just one side. You should avoid making this mistake. You should try to present your content on several sides.