Applications Of Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects in people’s lives. It has a wide application in almost every aspect of life including house cleaning, lawn mowing, banking, communication and many others. You will always find yourself using mathematics wherever you go and whatever you do. Sometimes you might not even realize that you are using it, but it comes naturally.

These are some of the daily applications of mathematics;

In the kitchen

Baking and cooking require mathematical skills when measuring the various ingredients. This involves multiplying or dividing to get the required amount. The use of stove also requires such skills. Preparation of various recipes will require one to mix the different ingredients in different ratios.

In the garden

The processes of planting and sowing of seeds require mathoiughhhhjkl;ematical skills. Different measurements are taken when making the planting rows. A lot of counting is also done in determining the seed rates and correct plant spacing.

Other activities include determination of labor cost, fertilizer rates, and costing. Farmers also need their mathematics skills when computing the interest rates on different loans.

At the bank

This is one of the fields which use a lot of mathematics concepts. In fact, careers in banking require one to be excellent in math. Mathematics is used in the effective management of finances. Failure to manage your finances could lead to some of the disasters in life. In fact, you might even fall into bankruptcy within a short period.

When traveling

As a traveler, you need to calculate your miles per gallon whenever you are fueling up during your daily trips. Additionally, air travelers need to know their arrival schedules and departure times as they plan to travel.
They also need to be aware of their luggage weight as this determines how much they might be charged when traveling. Mathematics skills are also used in calculating the flying time, speed, and altitude when the travelers are on board.

Communication industry

Most people are using thiutfxffghkl;eir cell phones and computers for communicating through chatting. This method is considered to be very effective, cost efficient, easy, and accessible. The basic mathematical skills are essential for anyone having a cell phone. You need to know how the different numbers work.

In work and school

As a teacher or student, you cannot avoid mathematics. This subject is applied even in other subjects such as sciences and social sciences. Jobs in business and finance require a deep knowledge in mathematics when calculating profits and analyzing graphs and charts.